Ticks tend to live in the areas where wood is found abundantly. The survival of this kind of species largely depends upon the blood from the body of human beings or even animals too.

We cannot devise a potent and practicable framework to prevent diseases caused by tick’s bite unless we figure out the reasons behind the proliferation of tick nests in residential areas. There could be various possible reasons behind this endemic. The people who live in brushy, wood abundant and grassy areas are more vulnerable to having ticks on their property. Furthermore, people with a specific set of activities, lifestyle and some specific hobbies such as gardening are also more likely to encounter ticks as compared to people who do not do these activities.

Seven easy ways to avoid tick nests outside your houses and on your property

Use chemicals to control the breeding of ticks

If you observe the tick nests in your yard or your neighborhood, instantly call to the professional pest control expert to spray the chemicals in the affected areas to prevent the further breeding of ticks. This is the worthiest remedy that brings fruitful results in the residential areas where tick nests are found most of the times.

Use organics materials to control ticks

There is also a very rich emerging market focused on organic ways to prevent ticks from invading your property.  Reasons for this include things like ensure that the surrounding wildlife remains healthy, the health of your pets and of course to help ensure that your loved ones continue to have free and safe access to your yard.

Trim plants and cut your lawn

Those plants that have a high temptation for the ticks should be discarded on an immediate basis to curtail the proliferation of the ticks. Ticks usually tend to live in those areas that are grassier than other kinds of landscapes. Least amount of ticks-attracted plants particularly, and grassy plants generally is advisable to prevent their potential attacks. If someone is fond of gardening or greenery as an avocation, then the area outside the house must be sprayed frequently by the professional chemical expert. Also, cut the long grass, bushes, and vegetation regularly.

In addition, when it comes to your lawn be sure to trim it regularly.  Ticks tend to find a high point on a blade of grass and then to play a waiting game until an adequate host (a wild animal, your pet or even you!) comes by and then it is just a matter of hitching a ride and finding a good place for a tick to stop for a meal… Trimmed grass tends to limit these jumping off opportunities.

Focus on the cleaning of the outdoor areas adjacent to the house

Cleaning is a fundamental preventive measure to avoid the adverse impact of tick nests around the house. Clean the outside and adjoining areas of your house on a daily basis with the same level of devotion that one has for the inside house cleaning. People regularly clean the interior and accessories of our houses but outside areas and belongings are the most ignorant parts of the house. Neat and perfectly clean areas are least vulnerable to the breeding of ticks and other insects to live there. Cleaning outside areas are not only preventive measures against ticks but also it is productive participation and great gesture for the responsible citizens to make their homeland and community clean. The long-lasting and far-reaching impacts of cleanliness will prevent our future generations from other fatal and infectious diseases too.

Proper vaccination of the pets

Pets generally and dogs specifically are susceptible to a tick bite. A great number of people are eager to have a dog as a pet. Even, dogs live with them as a member of their family in their homes and along with them too when they go outside. So, if you have pets inside their home, it would be advisable to keep them vaccinated as soon as possible. They can be a potential cause or source to bring ticks inside of your house. For these reasons, consult with your veterinarian about the effective products from the tick prevention.

Keep a vigilant check on the cloths after being outdoor

After being outdoor have a vigilant check of your clothes and body. There is a chance that ticks may attach to your clothes or body. After coming back to home, tumble dry your clothes at high temperature to kill the ticks. Use hot water to wash your clothes after visiting the ticks-infested areas. The above-mentioned causes have potential risk or being the victim of ticks after visiting outdoor areas.

Keep old furniture and other equipment away from the yard

Remove old furniture, trash, and extra accessories from the yard. Ticks find these things safe to make nests in the outside areas of the houses. Build pebbles or gravel that split the lawn or grassy area from the wooden one. This will restrict the migration of ticks from one area to another. Try to stack wood neatly outside the house and it would be more fruitful if we pile up the wood in a dry area.  Keep play areas for kids, lawn accessories and furniture and other equipment away from the wooded areas of the woodpile. So, Construct fence in your lawn to prevent coming stay animals inside your yard area since they are not vaccinated, that’s why there is a high risk that they are inflicted from the tick’s bite and infectious to your pets.


Okay – we’ve tried to keep the list very tight and actionable.  Hope it helps as you begin to put your “tick protection” plan in place

Image Credit:  Mcvoorhis – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=33751868